Antonio Díaz Bermúdez

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Alegre, respetuoso y auténtico artesano donde los haya.

He was born in Taramundi on 1.971. Antonio is a passionate craftsman of pocket knives. His workshop is called Antonio Diaz. Antonio is craftsman since 1.995. Until anything shared his studio with his father, now retired.


He learned the profession of his father Antonio Diaz Alvarez, recognized expert master craftsman making scissors. It is proof of being a trade inherited. Antonio was fortunate to inherit his father’s expertise knowledge scissors. He has blacksmith’s maternal ancestors lived in Bres.

The Taramundi’s classic boxwood pocket knife, drawn rustic smoked is his real speciality. It has the unique genius of producing mushroom pocket knife, fork and pruning. Maintains the tradition to them, with the artisan methods can be seen that each piece is handmade, rustic and unique. Each folding knife has Taramundi’s tradition.

Is the process completely artisan stands forging, takes care of all the details like his father taught him. For example with scissors is the only craftsman who works entirely manual.

The type of steel used for temper, this craftsman in his workshop, is carbon steel and stainless Mova 114 60E. The sleeves are made of stainless steel. The water stone is the tool used to achieve initial sharpening, and then goes through several different grain sandpaper until the development of each piece, working hand all its folding knives.

Antonio used for handles different woods like boxwood, tropical rosewood, Kingwood, cocobolo, granadillo & ebony. And some curious materials like cow horn & deer.

Handles all decorated with traditional designs, bouquets and line in cross, (carved and shellac filled), smoked too.

In leaf decoration all pieces are signed with the stamp of the workshop itself “A with dots around it.” This craftsman can make your folding knife with your name engraved on the blade hit.

All pocket knives are tagged with guarantee card and carton box.

The normal delivery time of this craftsman is 3 days to make a folding knife. Except that is an order of large amounts to so we have to coordinate time and see if it has all the materials needed to make the request.

Recommendations that gives the artisan care and maintenance of your pocket knife


“As handles are made of wood must try to keep it dry long as possible, the wood swells and maybe loose the stability.”

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